Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates / Solarplate

Introductory Workshops and Masterclasses in Printmaking with Photopolymer Plates / Solarplate

Solarplate describes the process of printing from a light sensitive plate that has been exposed to sunlight or an artificial source of UV light. The plate is then develop in tap water. The technique offers a range of possibilities in image making whereby the effects of traditional methods of etching, relief and lithography can be achieved from a single type of plate. It offers fine detail and a wide tonal range using photographic imagery, hand drawn originals and the direct use of found material. The technique is very easy to learn making it suitable for beginners as well as those with experience of printmaking.

Workshops can be tailored to suit individual needs and level of experience.  Group workshops can be delivered on outreach using a small portable press.

Susie has qualified teacher status and enhanced DBS. As well as working with artists, Susie has led a variety of printmaking workshops for teachers, schools and colleges.

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