Artist Statement

natural-worldwThe idea that art and life are closely entwined is most inspiring and one of my aspirations as an artist is not to create something new but to recreate something that already exists

Much of my work is inspired by the natural world and elements connected with life, movement, and change. I am particularly interested in the impermanence of natural processes and the idea that nothing is static or fixed in time - everything is in continual and relative motion. This has led me to explore ways of depicting the movement of time through the use of transient material and natural phenomena - both offer the potential for change and allow an exchange between prediction and chance. Camera-less and lens based photography are often used as a means of capturing or fixing in time the very act of change. The landscape is a constant source of visual ideas and I often work directly with materials both 'found' and 'made' that change state over time or bear visual reminders of past usage. The intention is to make visible the invisible revealing internal structures and patterns of growth and decay. Printmaking with light sensitive plates and photogenic drawing, as methods of making, allow me direct engagement with nature and accuracy in capturing detail. The fusion of art, science and technology provides a means of realizing intangible things and makes unseen worlds visible. Recent work is informed by the creative approaches and methodologies of both art and science. In particular, how collaborations between contemporary art practice and modern science can invite new insight and a greater understanding of what is inside us and around us.